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Resources | Information pamphlets

Trained to support you
(general information document)

Consequences and reactions, Talk about it!

An information and explicative guide to denouncing violence, including legal proceedings
Daring to break the silence for individual, family and community healing

Tshetshi minuinniut auen uikanishimau kie kassinuinnuat, uitamutau, aimitau eku

Ekoci wita kitci ki kikein kir otci, kiwitcicanak acitc kotenam otci

An information guide for women

A day in court support you
An information guide for victims and witnesses of criminal acts as well as their families

Justice in action

If your child tells you that somebody touched him/her sexually, listen!
No one has the right to do such a thing!

Why did this happen to my child?
A parent’s guide to helping parents of a child who has been a victim of crime

Elder Abuse
Identifying, Preventing, and Responding

Domestic Violence
Support, Help, Resources

Child witness Program
A program for the minor who have to give testimony in court and their parents