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Biking across Canada against child abuse

My name is Ariane, I am 15 years old and in 2020, I have cycled across half of Canada in 30 days to support victims of sexual abuse. This cause is particularly close to my heart since I myself was victim of incest in my childhood.

My goal was to raise funds for the Fondation Marie-Vincent, which helps child and adolescent victims of sexual abuse, for the CAVAC (Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels) network, which supports, among others, young victims during the judicial process, and for the Fondation des Centres jeunesse du Québec, which helps young people at the DPJ return to a normal life.

I also and above all wish to convey the message that these disgusting gestures, which happen way too frequently all over the world and most often by people known to the victims, are unacceptable and criminal. They can no longer be tolerated and, above all, they cannot be ignored (regardless of their level of severity).

I also wish to encourage all those who have been or are currently in situations of abuse to denounce the aggressors and to speak about it to the people of their choice and to professionals.

For my part, my unveiling was only positive, I cannot describe the benefits in words but one thing is certain, it allowed me to start to really LIVE.

My journey is nothing compared to the psychological pain that I and all abused children go through. However, I want to send a message of hope so that victims know that it is possible to find the strength to regain control of one’s life.

IMPORTANT: If you think you are having problems with your sexual urges, please consult a professional, because rape causes immeasurable damage, believe me!

Although my voyage is over, your donations helped to spread my message, but more importantly, to help young people get support and regain or even just find a taste for life and recovery.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Please take care of yourself!


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